ATFL is an employee oriented organization and we leave no stone unturned to take care of our employees and to keep them happy. The employees at ATFL enjoy a bouquet of benefits, ranging from work related to personal benefits. Below are some of the key benefits ATFL employees have access to:

Rewards & Recognition

At ATFL, we value the efforts of our employees, and have dedicated programmes to recognize and reward their significant contributions to company's success.

T.A.R.E.E.F (Thank and Reward Every Effort) Award

It is the most 'instantaneous' way to recognize, appreciate and reward an effort! Every TAREEF winner receives a gift voucher.

The Long Service Award

We value long service and hence the long service award is a gift extended to employees on completion of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years of association with the organization.

Vacation at Club Mahindra Resorts

We understand employee's need for a break from work to rejuvenate and refresh themselves. Hence, we have a tie up with Club Mahindra, which enables our employees to go on holidays (2 nights and 3 days) with their family, at highly subsidized rates. There is a choice of 32 destinations all across the country to choose from.

Club Memberships

ATFL offers Club membership to managers in the area of their posting.

Self Development Benefit

With a view to encourage employees to continually upgrade their knowledge and develop their skills and competencies, the company entitles all the employees to a Self-Development Benefit. This programme is extended to employees in the form of reimbursement of expenses made towards personal development initiatives or for pursuing higher education which add to the employees' immediate work or career development.

The Idea Café

It is ATFL's very own employee suggestion programme, that enables employees to voice their ideas and get due recognition for the same.

Flexi Working Policy

Being a progressive employer, we offer our employees the benefit of flexi-working. We intend to support our employees who need to devote more time for personal issues for a temporary period. Hence, they are allowed to opt for flexible work schedules. Employees can opt for a part-time work by continuing the lien on employment with reduced salary. The reduction in salary will commensurate with the reduced work schedule. Some examples where an employee can avail flexible work schedule are - extended maternity leave requirement, attending to any family members on medical issues, furthering the education, etc.

Along with this, ATFL also offers a once a week- work from home policy to its employees.

Wedding Gift

As our employees embark on a new journey in their personal lives, we extend a goodwill gesture in the form of a wedding gift.

Employee Child Merit Recognition

ECMR is a programme that awards and recognizes meritorious children of our employees, on the basis of their academic performance. This programme not only encourages children, but, also boosts the pride and honour of their parents.

Mediclaim and Insurance

To provide the best of health care to our employees, each employee at ATFL is covered under a mediclaim and group accident insurance since day 1 of their employment.