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Agro Tech Foods has a history of innovation and is constantly looking for opportunities to make a difference. Innovation at ATFL begins with its employees.

The culture and environment at ATFL encourage employees to remain motivated and confident enough to try new things out. They have opportunities to explore new ideas and are supported by the management in implementation. As a result, ATFL is in the forefront of delivering innovative products to the Indian consumers and implementing innovative and cost effective processes. Our product portfolio has several innovative products.
  • Sundrop Superlite was our first innovative product for the Indian consumer. It was the first REFINED SUNFLOWER OIL in the market in 1988.
  • Sundrop Heart has been to-date the only Blended Oil with a proven claim of cholesterol reduction. In addition, it is the oil which has the right amount of Oryzanol to stake and prove this claim; also, it is the oil which has the best MUFA-PUFA ratio as recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA). Visit for details of these recommendations.

    Sundrop Heart is also now scientifically proven to reduce cholesterol. Please click here to download the excerpt from scientific journal substantiating this claim.
  • ACT II Instant Popcorn is a very innovative offering, enabling the consumer to make her own hot and fresh popcorn in just 3 minutes, whether or not she has a microwave oven at home. This innovation was triggered due to the understanding of the consumer infrastructure.
  • ACT II Microwave Popcorn, when launched, was the ONLY microwave popcorn in the market. Till then, popcorn as a snack existed in the consumers’ minds only as an outdoor snack.
  • Healthy World Dried Green Peas is the first and only offering of Dehydrated, Long-Shelf-Life (24 months) Green Peas in the Indian market. This allows consumers to have their delicious green-peas laced food "Whenever they want"TM .
  • Sundrop Snack Break is the only shelf-stable pudding – made so healthy, nourishing and wholesome because of its contents – available in India (as on date of publishing). More details here
These are just a few of the innovations of ATFL. We have many more stories to share, which we will update you on from time to time.