People Speak

  • Nallapa Reddy Arveti

    Manager Information System

    Being a part of the company's core IS team, I can vouch for the fact that we have implemented some of the world's best technologies like Oracle (our ERP platform), Siebel CRM (our secondary sales tool), ASCP (our inventory management tool), CISCO (our communication tool), all of which has enabled us to do our business more efficiently and also cut costs.

    I am proud to be associated with an organization which is always looking at enhancing our work place with the new technology available as long as we can see tangible and intangible benefits. This adaption of new tools in turn helps me to keep myself tuned in with the happenings around the world and improve my skill set.

  • Kalpalatha

    Manager Finance and Accounts
    Lead Shared Services Center

    TAREEF (Thank and Reward Every Effort), our instant recognition program helps me in recognizing the contributions of my team members and reward them promptly. As a manager, I feel that this is an effective tool in my hands to inspire and continuously motivate my team members.

  • Chayan Kaushal

    Manager - Projects

    My Journey with Agro Tech Foods Ltd. started as a Graduate Engineer Trainee.

    Since the initial days I have been given the opportunity to work on diverse and challenging projects . In an era of high quality manufacturing facilities and energy efficient designs , dynamic and innovative technologies are sought for in the projects . The company has invested in building on both soft and hard skills required for professional project management which has enabled me to steer large projects single handedly.

  • Vaibhav Sharma

    Manager Direct Taxation

    The bouquet of benefits that ATFL offers suits my needs adequately. Work from home, self-development budget that I can use for a development program of my choice, Holiday Homes, Club memberships surely help me in my professional development as well as managing balance in my personal and work life.

  • Jiten Singh

    General Manager - Marketing

    We have a great culture at ATFL. It facilitates empowerment and learning in all aspects. Respect for Individual is a cornerstone of the culture which runs across the company. The teamwork and alignment to business objectives builds positivity all around. On a daily basis I get a feeling of not working for a company but that of building a company. This is the biggest value addition that an employee can aspire for.

  • Nimisha Dua

    Head- OD, Talent & Learning

    The company gave me an opportunity to work in Marketing before I moved to Human Resources. My learning about the business, while I worked in brand marketing now helps me work on my HR assignments with a holistic business orientation. We have a structured Talent Management Process in place, where employees can state their career aspirations over a time period of three years, that helps employees plan their careers both functionally and cross-functionally.

  • Nilesh Agarwal

    Head of Sales

    "It's a Dream Come True" – infact Ummeed se Duguna as they say.

    I joined ATFL from campus in 2001, with a clear understanding (having gone through their pre-placement talk) that it would be a place where I will have the freedom to experiment and to express my abilities to the best.

    Sure enough, it turned out to be a place where I gave my best without the fear of failure, continued to develop myself and kept getting my rewards. ATFL truly is a place with a robust and structured Individual Development Process, where people can develop and grow in their careers, to be what they want to be. So come in and "Make a Difference – to yourself.

  • Shantanu Aditya Khanna

    Business Analyst

    I think it is fair to say on behalf of all the company employees that ATFL believes in the proverb –"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"  and is following the path of becoming " The best performing, most respected foods company in India, with an added dose of fun@work for employees.

    We not only have fun-centric events such as Inter-company Sports competitions( we take our sports very seriously! ), Festival celebrations ( cracking it up on Diwali Dhamaaka on one hand to scratching our heads in a Quiz on Independence day) to Internal off-site conferences ( Healthy discussions in meetings  followed by healthier activity on the dance floor) etc. but also the day to day friendly interactions among the employees in ATFL, make ATFL an outstanding employer which brings out the best in employees and gives us the desire to be the best in the business-all while having fun.

  • Smriti Rani

    Brand Manager

    At ATFL I got a chance to work on various facets related to my job very early on in my career. I was lucky to receive constant mentoring by peers and seniors which helped groom me into a confident and effective Manager. ATFL has provided me the perfect spring board which has put my career on the right trajectory of growth.

  • Gaurav Gupta

    General Manager Sales

    ATFL empowers managers at all levels to take decisions in their field/area of expertise. This gives us an opportunity to Make a Difference in our day to day work by giving in our unique inputs, thus, helping each one of us to contribute to the company's larger objectives and to be partners in its' growth.

  • Mukesh

    General Manager
    Supply Chain Operations

    I would say that ATFL has best-in class systems at place and high end working processes at par or of higher order than any multinational organization.

    We have automated and high-tech tools like De-mantra for Forecasting/Seibel for secondary sales/SNO for network optimization/ASCP for Production and supply planning and even at billing end we are on central order processing. Sales and operations are entirely on highly sophisticated and advanced tools. The processes are well set with predesigned SOPs and are being followed without any interventions. It makes things easy for people to follow and make a standard execution of daily transactions.

  • Sumita Kapoor


    ATFL has an environment of good communication and great teamwork; it gives an opportunity to grow not just professionally but intellectually as well. There is ample space for individual motivation. It's a place with dynamic and progressive approach to work and its great being a part of this highly committed, professional and yet fun work environment.